Levanto is a cozy coastal town situated at the Ligurien cost. Here you come to swim and sunbathe or to walk in spectacular trails.

In Levanto there are many nice bars and restaurants of varying price ranges, both along the beach and inside the city.

The city is a famous city in Italy for surfing. Here is a surfing and diving club and windy weather sees several surfers out at sea.

Levanto is situated near the famous Chinque Terre (a World Heritage Site). Monterosso is the closest town of them all. You can get to Monterosso on foot or by train. the hike takes about 2 hours one way and it is a fantastic experience. The train ride on the other hand takes only four minutes form Levanto to Monterosso. One Ttip is to go by train to the farthest small town, Rio Maggiore, where there is an absolutely spectacular walk along the sea.

One can also go through the tunnels (the old railway) which is now a pedestrian and bicycle path to the town of Bonassola. The walk takes about 30min. Bonassola is a quiet town / village which has a fabulous beach and nice cafes, bars and restaurants.

In other words, Levanto the perfect vacation paradise; wonderful beach for swimming and sunbathing, cozy restaurants and adventurous activities for those who wish.

We can offer one place to stay in Levanto

Villa Rossana

The Rossana-house is situated on the marine and at the end of the boardwalk in Levanto. This little guest-house is run by very friendly and compliance nuns. The rooms are of very good standard, some of the rooms have a fantastic view over the sea.

There are a big and spacious dinning-room were you partake of the breakfast. Lunch and dinner are also served here dependent on what desire you have. Levanto is situated in the Genua-gulf and the thing that’s makes it intressting is the little city´s Cinque Terre that is placed like a pearlbound along the coast. To get to the first little City Monterosso, you either take the train that takes 5 min or even better, a walking over the mountains. It is a fantastic experience that takes approximately 2,5 hours. Every minute is worth it´s price.


For prices please contact Klosterresor

Villa Rossana is closed during October and November.
Door closes at: 11.pm

Photos of Villa Rossana