La Verna is a guesthouse that is run by Franciscan. The monastery is situated on 1283 metres height with a fantastic wood-similar environment with a lot of footpaths, many with attachment to the holy Franciskus. The monastery has possibility to receive both small and big groups.

The rooms are decorated in old monastery cell which gives character and “monastery feeling”. The rooms are very simple but beautiful. The food is good and well cooked and is served in a restaurant in the monastery main building, where they also have a bar and a gathering-room. There are also a church where you can take part of the daily prays if you so wish. La Verna is a pilgrim place. The people ho comes here is in first hand interested of visit the places that the holy Franciskus have been to. This is a very popular place were you meet people from the entire Europe.


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Door close at 09:00 p.m.