Catalonia (Catalunya Catalan, Spanish: Cataluña) is an autonomous region in northeastern Spain, the surface of 32 114 km ², 7.1 million. inhabitens. (2006). Catalonia covers the provinces of Lleida, Tarragona, Girona and Barcelona, ​​where also the capital of the same name is located. Catalonia is bordered on the west to Aragon and in the south to Valencia. In the north, bordering Catalonia to French Catalonia (Roussillon) in France and Andorra.

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The oldest human remains such as those in Catalonia near the French border is assumed to be about 25 000 years old. In 500 BC founded the Greek colony Emporion at present Spain’s east coast, outside the current Girona. This was probably the travelers from the Greek city of Massalia, ie, the current French Mediterranean port city of Marseille. About 200 BC Romans began the colonization of Catalonia. The Roman colony of Hispania Tarraconensis existed until the early 400’s when westgotherns entrance put an end to the Roman culture.