In Sanremo is populated with about 60 000 inhabitants. The city is a renowned tourist destination and has a long history as a recovering atmosphere. Sanremo is called the city of flowers. With the favorable climate, with mild temperatures throughout the year is grown and exported millions of flowers to the whole world. Alfred Nobel was at a time living there and the city therefore sends flowers to the Nobel banquet every year. Sanremo has a new and an old part of town. The city has a combination of modern shopping and old European opulence that makes this a wonderful destination. Here you can indulge in both swimming and beach life and cultural activities. The Old Town La Pigna characterized by old stone houses, narrow streets and small squares. The new part is originally an old fishing village transformed into an elegant and world-famous seaside resort. The city has many shops and boutiques and live mostly on tourism. There is also a well-known casino. Sanremo offers fishing, scuba diving, windsurfing, golf, horseback riding, art, culture and much more.

We can offer one place to stay in Sanremo

Villa Del Sole

Villa del Sole is situated very centrally in Sanremo, a short walk to the promenade and the sea. Previously, this place has only been available to priests who need rest and recreation. Now the guest house open to individuals, couples and families.

The villa is surrounded by a beautiful park. The rooms are fully renovated and all of them have shower / wc. The villa has a beautiful living room, dining room and a chapel. San Remo is a beautiful city and during hight season very dependent on tourism, but in the off season you will find the city to be very quite and peaceful. There is also very good links to other small towns at this coastline.


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Evenings: Guests receive a key.

Photos of Villa Del Sole