Best way to travel from/to airport

Fast train Leonardo express from airport to Stazione Termini
Time: 30-45 min, Price 11€.



If you choose to take a taxi from the airport, you should avoid those who come forward and offer a taxi, it is usually unlicensed taxis and the final price can be substantially higher. The ‘normal’ taxis are white, and marked “Comune di Roma” on the side and have meters.

Bus and metro tickets cost 1 euro. They are valid for 75 minutes. Tickets purchased in tobacco shops or vending machines. It is important to stamp the ticket.

Do you live downtown you can walk to almost everything. This is because the heart of Rome is not so great and everything is relatively close! For St. Peter’s Basilica, you can take bus 64 or 40 (look out you for pickpockets). A nice and easy way to see Rome is to take the red double-deckers. read at:

Possibility for swimming

How to get to the beach?

Take the subway nr B to Piramide, change to a train to Ostia. Use the same ticket as for the subway, (1€).

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Cafès and Restaurangs

How does it works the Italian way?

Going to a cafe and bar, works a little differently than in Sweden. If you want to sit down, sit down at a table and be served, it usually costs twice as much than if you take your coffee, for example at the counter. You then pay only in cash and go with the receipt to the counter.

At the restaurant, you pay always about 2€ per person in the so-called coperto. There is cutlery and bread. This fee can not get away.

Restaurant food in Italy is usually good. One tip is to avoid restaurants that are too close to attractions and the major tourist areas. The food may be good but the prices are often quite high and the service is not always the best.


Rome is built on the famous seven hills: the Aventine, Caelius, Capitoline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal and Viminale. Recently, also includes the Janiculum, Pincio, Vatican Hill and Velia at Rome’s hills. Tiber River traverses the city. The city is located a minimum of 13 meters above sea level at the Piazza del Popolo and a high of 120 meters above sea level on Monte Mario. Rome is also the greenest city in Europe because of its many parks. Appia Antikas park is the largest city park in the world and with most monuments. It stretches from the Colosseum to Ciampino. Other parks are the Villa Doria Pamphili, Villa Borghese, Villa Ada, Villa Glori and Janiculum.
(source: Wikipedia)


According to the legend the City of Rome was founded on 21 April 753 BC on seven legendary hills on the River Tiber by Romulus, one of the two brothers Romulus and Remus, who had been reared by a she-wolf, and then grew up in Shepherd Faustulus.

For centuries, Rome was, as the capital of the Kingdom of Rome, Roman Republic and Roman Empire, the main city in the West. Rome also became an important city as the center of the Catholic Church and the county seat of Papal State, later the Vatican, popes. By the Renaissance, Rome became a political center for medieval decline. The city is still an influential metropolis. For example, Rome is the third largest UN city in the world, as the seat of the three specialized agencies FAO, IFAD and WFP.
(Source: wikipedia)


Rome’s subway (“Metropolitana di Roma”), which opened in 1955, has two lines. One that goes east-west direction (line A) and one going north-south direction (line B). More lines are being built (line B1 and line C), and one line is at the design stage (line D). The total length for the moment is 38 km. The two lines meet only at one place, at the station Roma Termini.

Rome’s tramway Stazioni urbane della rete Ferroviaria has several routes, including Roma Tuscolana, Roma Trastevere, Roma San Pietro, Rome Nomentana, Roma Nuovo Salario, Roma Magliana, Roma Muratella, Roma Aurelia.

Commuter traffic include between Stazione Termini and Ostiense e Tiburtina and between Stazione Termini and Aeroporto di Fiumicino.

The main public transportation in Rome’s city center is the city buses.
(source: Wikipedia)