Venice is rich in history and initially known as a port city and a commercial hub. The city’s history began about 400 years after the birth of Christ, when they started building houses in the lagoon area and the founding of the city took place. Venice has been controlled by various empires throughout history, the Romans and the Austrians as the most prominent, before it finally became part of Italy in the 1800s.

How to get round in Venice

There are two airports, the Marco Polo is about 10 km north of Vendig and Treviso, about 30 km from Vendig. Venice has no car traffic, but people go gondola or any other form of boat or walking around. The public mode of transport and the Venice response to other city public transport Vaporetto which is simply a bus boat. The boats run by boat comapny ACTV and tickets can be bought at the stations or at newsstands.

Rialto´s Fish market

In Venice there are many food markets where you can buy fish, vegetables or meat. One of the most famous fish market is located in the area adjacent to the Rialto Bridge and is called The Green Golf or Rialto fish market. It has sold fish for over 600 years, but its current form was added in the early 1900s. Definitely worth a visit.

Eat in Venice

Venice and Italy is very famous for its cuisine and culinary experiences. There are many restaurants to choose from when visiting Venice, from luxury to budget. In tourist areas, prices are higher, you want to get away a little cheaper, you take a walk away from the tourist area, just five minutes is enough to immediately come down in price. Sometimes you can also find the best dining experience on the simple trattoria. Some of Venice’s local specialties include a special pasta, bigoli, in an anchovy and mushroom sauce or castraure ie tiny artichokes with parmesan cheese, topped with a dash of olive oil.